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New Beginnings

April 22, 2012
"New beginnings"

Its been two years since I first started tweeting and Facebooking on behalf of a major global brand, and about 18 months since I launched the branded blog.

Today I am starting all over again, on behalf of myself. And it’s liberating!

Unfettered by brand values and guidelines I can write about anything I like without having to be conscious of representing a brand. Without needing to be aware of what I am writing in every tweet, every status update, every comment, every post.

I put a lot of heart and soul into the project, but at the end of the day my words weren’t really my own.

I don’t have a logo, my blog readership will be virtually zero (hi mum!) and so far I have one Facebook fan. It’s a little bit lonely over there, but much less of a time suck than the 20,000 fans I have been managing on the branded page!

I won’t have a team of developers, designers, SEO experts or world-class freelance bloggers at my disposal and WordPress is a totally foreign place for me. But everything I write, everything I post will be my own, and that’s something really special.

I have decided to focus my writing on the one thing I know best: how to burn off the energy of my three full-on, high energy boys, right now all under the age of 5. But let’s see how it all evolves, you never know where the day may take you.

Its a new beginning for me. And I’m excited.

But I have to ask: If you were starting all over again *today*, what’s the one thing you would do differently?

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  1. Hello there! *waves madly*

    Lovin’ the blog, hon.

    If I was to start all over (which I kinda did recently!), I’d have started with a different blog name than my first blog’s. Mummy Mayhem was a little restrictive. I think people assumed that I would write all about being Mum (no surprises there), but I wanted to write about all sorts of things. The blog name is important.

    Looking forward to more. xox

    • Thank you Jodie! It is so lovely of you to drop by and say hello. It truly is a whole new world for me over here, and one thing I have learnt already is how nice it is to receive comments. They are much more special when it is for your own site 🙂

      I too have chosen a restrictive blog name but I think that will suit me… The pace of the branded blog became pretty relentless and it was getting harder and harder to keep up (I nodded along as I read your “more than words” post as I too found my blog and all its trappings was interfering with my life).

      My goal now is to grow this blog at a slow and contented pace with just one or two posts a week based mainly on all the cool stuff I plan to do with my boys. We are a special breed us mums with three sons xx

  2. Congrats on starting your own blog Melissa. There are few things I would do differently, mainly technical stuff like have a different permalink structure and different category set up.

    Look forward to reading more from you!


    • Thanks Nic! Now I wish I had attended your Blog Boost Workshop at the Digital Parents Workshop. At least I can still learn from your Blog Coaching Boost eBook while my blog is still just a few days old.

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