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How to Host a Star Wars Birthday Party

May 4, 2012

My older boys are both Star Wars mad. When they first started watching Episodes IV, V or V my middle son would start to cry as soon as he saw the end credits. It has a lot to do with them opening up a box of my husband’s circa 1980 Star Wars toys and paraphernalia a few months ago.

When their birthdays rolled around this year, a Star Wars-themed birthday party was the obvious choice.

Star Wars Costumes

We went a little crazy and ordered some outfits online from the US. They have loads of sites dedicated to Halloween costumes, so it was just a matter of finding the right outfits at the right price. Our boys love the original Star Wars movies, so Princess Leia was the obvious choice for me. My husband splashed out on a Stormtrooper costume and our boys choose to be Darth Vadar and a mini-me Stormtrooper.

Star Wars dress-ups


  • The kids and I made some ‘intergalactic’ mobiles a few days before the party: I cut out star, moon and planet shapes from empty cereal boxes and the boys covered them with aluminum foil. We also hung up some silver balloons.Star Wars party decorations

I made these signs and placed them around our house:

"Yoda Poster"

I placed some Star Wars figurines in amongst the party food and used my husband’s 30 year old A.T.A.T. as a centre piece. I also bought a Star Wars party tablecloth online

"Star Wars party food"

 Food and Drink

  • The kids all had Star Wars cups with their ‘Star Wars’ names written on them:"Star Wars party cups"
  • The drink of the day was ‘Yoda Soda’: I printed a picture of Yoda and wrapped it around a Lime-flavoured Soft drink bottle soft drink with a downloaded picture of Yoda over the regular label: "Yoda Soda"

Alongside your usual party food we also had:

  • Chewbacca brownies
  • Milky Ways (of course)
  • Star-shaped Rice Bubble treats

 The Stormtrooper Cake

When my brother found out we were having a Star Wars party he bravely volunteered to make the cake. It’s a nice tradition that’s evolved that we take turns making the cake for our nieces and nephews. Taking inspiration from a Stormtrooper figurine, he created this Stormtrooper cake which my boys thought was just awesome (I must say, I was very impressed too!)

Stormtrooper cutting the cake"Stormtrooper Birthday Cake"

Star Wars games

We had a mix of kids aged from one to 12 years old so we planned a mix of birthday party games:

  • Asteroid Hunt: Before the kids arrived, I wrapped up little popping candy packets in aluminum foil and hid the ‘asteroids’ all over the backyard. We played this game early on as a great icebreaker. The kids run around like crazy gathering up their asteroids then all came together in a huddle to count their asteroids and to watch each other explode the little pop rocks in their mouths
  •  Jedi Training: Each child was given their own ‘light sabre’ for the day. They were actually just foam swords I found at Big W for $2.99 but the kids loved fighting my husband with them, and it was much safer than having 10 kids running wild wielding replica light sabres which is not much fun… You can make your own light sabres by cutting a “Pool Noodle” in half and wrapping tape around the bottom as a handle.  It was also fun to have the younger kids popping bubbles from a bubble machine with their light sabres, and trying to keep balloons up in the air with them.
  • Face Painting: I made up a few pots of face paint and bravely let the kids paint each other’s faces. All the kids loved this…. "DIY Face Painting"
  •  Sneaky Stormtrooper: While the kids were outside playing, I hid the Stormtrooper cake and set up some written clues I’d written the night before.  I called all the kids inside and told them that the Stormtrooper had stolen the birthday cake but had left a clue.  This was the best activity of the day. The big kids read the clues out to the littlest ones, then they’d all go racing off to find the next clue. Some of my brilliant clue-writing included:
    • I’ll give you a clue if you’re quiet as a mouse, go take a look inside the cubby house
    • It’s a clue you want, a clue that you seek, Go to the water tank and take a peek.

The last clue led them back to the kitchen where the cake was ready with candles lit.

Towards the end of the party the kids watched “The Empire Strikes Back” and I kept my hand on the remote to fast forward the scary bits. My boys loved it so much they want to do it again next year. Which is just as well – I spent a small fortune on their Star Wars costumes!

What sort of themes have you had for your kids’ birthday parties lately?

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