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Wordless Wednesday – The Blue Wash

May 16, 2012

Washing day - boys clothes

Doing the laundry for my three super boys and linking up to Wordless Wednesday for the first time


From → Raising Boys

  1. Haha! That’s hilarious! Wow, your household is in good hands with so many super heroes 🙂

    • Thanks Grace 🙂 You know what brothers are like: they always have to have the same of everything!

  2. That is the cutest!

    Visiting from Wordless Wednesday. (I’m a Shire girl too… moved away two decades ago)

    • Thanks Lisa, and hey – you are living proof that us Shire girls actually do venture beyond the Georges River sometimes ; )

  3. caroline permalink

    Oh… too cool and most impressed by the hangers.. your a washing guru…

  4. I love this photo! It epitomises life with little boys!

    • Haha, it does, doesn’t it? It made me smile to see the three sizes of Superman clothes all lined up. Now if only I could get the actual kids inside the clothes and stay still long enough to take a photo…

  5. tam65 permalink

    Oh I love all that blue

    • You know I never actually realised until today exactly how many blue clothes my boys have, it was almost a 100% blue wash!

  6. Super shot Thanks for linking up your blue wash !
    I have a few spiderman ones only one Superman.

    Trish MY Little Drummer Boys

  7. That is such a cute photo!


  9. Just shared on my fb wall (love)

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